RAGT to focus on rotations at Cereals 2017

RAGT Seeds is using Cereals 2017 to highlight the valuable role its varieties can play in extending UK arable rotations.

A range of exciting varieties covering a diverse collection of species will be on show. These include feed wheats that are setting new yield benchmarks, high quality spring barleys, recently recommended oat varieties and soya, a crop that could become a valuable new break for arable farmers. Several cover crop mixes are also being grown.

“The days of two wheats and a rape constituting an arable rotation are gone,” says RAGT Seeds managing director Simon Howell.

“A legacy of black-grass and soil health concerns are driving farmers to think outside the wheat/rape box. We are using Cereals to show how our innovative breeding programmes are delivering new varieties that can help farmers widen the rotation while maintaining optimum returns.”

A portfolio of RAGT wheats is on show, including leading Group 1 wheat RGT Skyfall, the UK’s most widely grown winter wheat, which was sown in early spring to demonstrate its versatility.

RAGT’s other Group 1 variety RGT Illustrious was drilled in early September, highlighting its flexibility for quality wheat growers looking for an early start.

New feed-wheat heavyweights RGT Gravity and RGT Universe, both up for recommendation this year, will be a popular draw. Seed production of both varieties has been fast-tracked to help meet expected high demand this coming autumn.

RGT Planet, the highest yielding spring barley on the Recommended List which produces excellent malting grain, is joined by RL Candidate RGT Asteroid, which looks well suited to all potential markets.

Winter oats on show include two recommended varieties and one candidate. RGT Victorious is the highest yielding variety on the RL, and RGT Lineout, the earliest maturing oat on the RL, has taken 9% of the seed market in its first year of commercialisation. RGT Southwark, at 107, is the highest yielding candidate.

Vigorous oilseed rape hybrids RGT Windozz and RGT Alizze, the highest yielding hybrids on the East/West and North RLs respectively, demonstrate the quality of RAGT’s OSR pipeline.

RAGT Seeds is also screening soya for suitability in the UK. Several varieties from its French breeding programme are under scrutiny, the best of which will be on show at Cereals.

Several soil health crops which can help improve soils and suppress weeds and pests will also be demonstrated at the event.

* RAGT Seeds is exhibiting on stand 917 at Cereals 2017, which takes place at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire on 14-15 June.