At The Root Of The Best Yielding Varieties on the Recommended List

Now that the harvest has finished and the trial numbers have been crunched, RAGT Seeds can now boast the highest yielding winter wheat, oilseed rape* and winter oat on the new Recommended List tables.


Group 4 Hard 

RGT Gravity has yet again been the outstanding variety in its third year of official trials. With the data in so far it continues to lead all varieties by a whopping 2% on the 5 year mean. It was the highest yielding variety in NL1*, NL2 and in RLT. Rotationally it has also performed as the top variety. Unbeaten as a first wheat, second wheat and also on light, medium and heavy soil types. Gravity is the highest yielding variety in every situation and should be grower’s first choice variety when thinking about next year’s cropping.

Story so far
Source: AHDB trials 2013-2017

Group 4 Soft

RGT Universe is also performing above any other soft currently on the Recommended List. As well as the 5 year mean it has also performed well in this year’s harvest. One of three soft 4 candidates all yielding 104% of controls, it offers the potential for distilling at this stage with a strong agronomic package.

RGT Universe
Source: AHDB trials 2013-2017

Group 1

RGT Skyfall - now the go to variety for milling, has performed as expected at around 100% of controls. That equates to 10.8t/ha. Skyfall has built its popularity to the number 1 variety and still remains the only group 1 available with orange wheat blossom midge resistance along with the best available fusarium ear blight resistance.

It has also maintained its specifications for nabim group 1 where as some other varieties in the same sector have dropped their proteins slightly.

Skyfall Protein Table
Source: AHDB Quality strips

RGT Illustrious has had a good year in trial, yielding at the same level as KWS Trinity. End users continue to be pleased with the functionality of RGT Illustrious and will continue to use it in their grist’s



RGT Windozz has had another great year, topping the 4 year RL table at 105.3% GO. This makes it the highest yielding variety for the EW region. The success of the hybrid can be put down to its sound agronomic package, including stiff straw, and solid disease resistance.

OSR Results
Source: AHDB trials 2013-2017


Following hot on the heels of RGT Victorious, RGT Southwark has equalled its performance at the top of the 5 year RL winter Oat table. RGT Southwark combines very high yields ( 106 % -PGR ) with good quality ( sp wt of 55.3) and excellent Crown Rust resistance ( 7 ). Like its stable mate, RGT Southwark is also early to harvest ( -1 ).

Oats Results
Source: AHDB trials 2013-2017

We're proud to be at the root of the best varieties, for more information on our varieties download our Complete Seed Guide 2017.

*Joint Top