RGT Duxxbury, The Latest Maize Addition

RGT Duxxbury is the latest addition to the RAGT maize portfolio. This ultra-early variety combines maturity with high starch and very good digestibility making it a valuable addition to any silage clamp.


Learn more about RGT Duxxbury, a variety at the root of the best forage maize: RGT Duxxbury.

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Nine new first-choice varieties have been added to the British Society of Plant Breeder’s 2017 Forage Maize Descriptive Lists (DL), alongside 14 new varieties on the Forage Maize for Anaerobic Digestion DLs.

RGT Oxxgood is included as a first choice variety for favourable sites as it demonstrates 'high percentages of starch accumulated at harvest, in the region of 32-36% dry matter content, producing a valuable high-starch yielding silage'. Read more.