RGT Planet, At The Root Of The Best Malting Varieties

RGT Planet has cemented itself further as the number 1 fully approved brewing spring barley for the UK after another good year in trials. Agronomically strong with high yields and well supported with seed merchants and end users, RGT Planet should be growers’ first choice for their spring cropping.

13-17 Mean
AHDB Spring barley (Harvest Results 2017)

*Recommended varieties only

With more markets opening up all the time, RGT Planet is rapidly becoming the most widely accepted spring barley across Europe. This gives growers more confidence in growing the variety knowing there are so many opportunities to market their grain.

Growers are urged to book their spring barley seed as early as possible with early signs suggesting that supply could be tight. RGT Planet will be in high demand in Europe and further afield as conditions in Northern Europe continue to hamper efforts to drill winter cereals

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