Trio of newly recommended varieties offer better yields and quality for UK cereal growers

Three new high-yielding varieties from RAGT feature in the latest AHDB Recommended Lists, adding to the company’s impressive portfolio.
The newcomers reflect the growing strength of RAGT’s breeding programmes, which have been setting increasingly high standards across a range of crop species in recent seasons.
Two of the new RL recruits, winter wheat RGT Gravity and winter oat RGT Southwark, take yields to new heights in their respective sectors, while spring barley RGT Asteroid promises high yields of excellent quality grain suited to a range of markets.
These exciting new arrivals deliver a significant step-up in performance for UK growers, adding to RAGT’s current offering. This includes the UK’s number one milling wheat, the highest yielding fully recommended oilseed rape and highest yielding spring barley approved for brewing.


RGT Gravity
RGT Gravity is the highest yielding winter wheat in the UK. It gained automatic promotion to the latest 2018/19 AHDB Recommended List as a result, the first time a feed variety has achieved that for over a decade.

This hard group 4 variety has proved very consistent, outperforming all other varieties in NL1 and NL2 and during its RL trial year. It goes onto the list with a clear advantage over any variety currently on the RL, across all regions – east, west and north.

RGT Gravity, a three-way cross of Oakley, Scout and Santiago, commands top spot as a first and second wheat on both heavy and light soils, and is also the top late-sown variety. It has a very good disease profile and is also resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.

Widespread uptake by seed producers means there will be enough seed to satisfy potentially very high demand next autumn.


RGT Asteroid
Spring barley RGT Asteroid has been added to the 2018/19 Recommended List as a malt and grain distilling variety under test. It looks to be particularly well suited to the Scottish distilling market.

The variety will be launched commercially for spring 2020. It is set to challenge Concerto, Fairing and Octavia, thanks to its clearly superior yields of high specific weight grain, which delivers a high hot water extract and high diastatic power.

The variety is also under test by the CBMO in France and in trial in Germany and Austria, so the likelihood for export markets is high.

RGT Asteroid has excellent disease and agronomic profiles, which have helped it deliver a consistent performance over several seasons of breeder and official trials.


RGT Southwark
Winter oat RGT Southwark has been added to the 2018/19 Recommended List as the highest yielding quality oat.

Like its stablemate RGT Lineout, it combines high yield, quality (especially specific weight), early maturity and excellent crown rust resistance, for which it scores 7.

Initial feedback from end users to date has been good and there will be commercial seed available for plantings 2018.