Latest update on RAGT soya crops

RAGT Seeds is trialling soya crops on a field scale this season to assess the commercial potential of what could be a very useful source of home-grown protein.

We hope to bring you the full harvest results in the October newsletter. In this issue we take a look at how the crops are faring so far.


Protina showing promise

Bright Seeds is trialling the variety RGT Protina on sandy land on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.Soya

This high-yielding variety has very high protein levels and very good lodging resistance, making it a good choice for the south of the UK.

Bright Seeds’ Rod Crossley says: “As many of our customers are livestock farmers and as protein is probably their most expensive input, the prospect of growing their own is very appealing.”

Earlier trials suggest Protina is robust and iis relatively early. Rod says: “Protina appears to be a match for the grower’s commercial crop and results from harvest are eagerly awaited.”

Frontier has a commercial crop of RGT Sirelia in east Kent, which was sown in early May.

This high protein variety is very early to mature, and currently looks excellent, with good nodule development and plenty of pods.

The crop should be ready to harvest in late September, says RAGT’s Helen Wilson. “The crop looked very healthy and has tolerated the dry weather well. The recent rain was welcome and is helping to fill pods.”

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