Winning performances from RGT Windozz

RGT Windozz is turning in another very strong performance in official trials this season, currently outperforming all other fully recommended varieties for both yield and gross output.

With five AHDB Recommended List trials results from the east and west now analysed, RGT Windozz has averaged 5.08t/ha in straight yield terms this season and 5.4t/ha when adjusted for oil content (gross output). That compares with the trial means of 4.85t/ha and 5.21t/ha respectively.

Tom Dummett, cereal and OSR product manager at RAGT Seeds, says: “This in itself is a great achievement, given the weather extremes we have seen this season.

“However, the fact it has been such a difficult season means we should really look at long-term averages as well to better judge the relative performance of varieties, as we have not seen a year like this since 1976.”

Looking at the four-year AHDB average of the same five official trials, RGT Windozz turns in an equally impressive performance. It scores an average yield of 5.27t/ha, the equivalent of 104.8% of controls, 1.5% above the next best recommended variety.

For gross output, it scores 103.4, just under 1% ahead of the nearest fully recommended variety.

“However you look at it, RGT Windozz has had another great season and remains the top performer of the current recommended varieties, even after such a challenging year,” says Tom.

“Given its ongoing excellent consistent performance, we believe RGT Windozz will be in high demand. With many growers worried about the dry conditions and still to purchase seed, we’ve made sure we have consignments of seed around the country to help meet those last-minute purchases.”


RGT Windozz is not just impressing in trials, it continues to perform strongly on farm too…

A chance encounter with RGT Windozz last season impressed Warwickshire grower Josh Trivett so much that he is putting half his OSR area down to the variety this autumn.

After running out of seed in one field last autumn he was given a bag of RGT Windozz to finish off, enough to sow 3.75ha. It was sown alongside another popular hybrid that claims similar very high yields and vigour.

“I didn’t choose RGT Windozz, it was what our merchant sent,” says Josh, who grows about 300ha of arable crops at RW and HER Trivett & Sons, Drayton Barn Farm, Witherley, near Atherstone.

“There was not much to tell between the two varieties in the autumn, but by February the RGT Windozz was looking healthier and growing away strongly in the spring. It also looked very even and didn’t lean at all – I didn’t need any marker posts to tell me where it was, as it always stood out.”

Both varieties were treated exactly the same during the season. “We didn’t do anything special – we applied a bit of FYM to the stubble, cultivated with a Topdown and drilled at 40 seeds/sq m with the our Vaderstad Rapid.

“We stuck with a standard fungicide programme, including two Sclerotinia sprays, and crops stayed clean. We applied 212kg/ha of N and plenty of sulphur.”

The field was desiccated with Roundup and combined about two weeks later, on 20 July. “The main variety did 4-4.5t/ha, which was pretty pleasing given the season,” says Josh. “But the RGT Windozz came in at 0.5-0.75t/ha higher.”

The sample was cleaner, with very few pod tails, unlike the other variety. “We also noticed fewer losses,” says Josh.

“Overall, we were delighted with RGT Windozz’s performance, so much so that we have decided to grow it across half our 91ha of oilseed rape this coming season. We look forward to a repeat performance next year!”

Josh Trivett


Farm manager Billy Wrisdale has ordered 130ha of RGT Windozz seed following the variety’s exceptional performance this harvest.

It outyielded four other varieties at Grange Farm near Grimsby, averaging 4.54t/ha across 126ha, almost 0.2t ahead of the nearest challenger. All varieties were cut between 6.5% and 8.8% moisture.

“I am very pleased with how the RGT Windozz turned out,” says Billy. “It performed well in a year where heavy land struggled with the wet winter, and was the earliest variety to harvest.”

He puts the result mainly down to RGT Windozz’s long flowering period and the vigour it showed when getting away quickly in the spring. In May Billy noted that OSR crops were shorter than usual and are about three weeks behind last year in terms of development, but he believed than that RGT Windozz would be his top yielding variety for the second year running.

He was impressed by its resilience – the variety had built on its swift getaway earlier in the spring, coping well with the swings in temperature, flowering evenly and consistently.

It was desiccated two weeks before harvest. Although glyphosate didn’t work overly well due to the dry conditions, RGT Windozz’s short growth habit helped, he adds.

“It combined exceptionally well. I had some lodging and shedding of seed in the three conventional varieties but had none of this in the Windozz, although this was harvested earlier which may account for the differences in seed retention.

“I will definitely grow it again. I have already ordered 130ha of seed for next year and may increase this order further if OSR establishment conditions improve after some rain.”

Grange Farm




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