RGT Gravity gets the thumbs up from merchants

Gravity looks set to become the biggest selling hard Group 4 this season after receiving strong backing from merchants.


Chris Guest, Gleadell and Dunns

RGT Gravity will be Gleadell’s biggest variety this coming season on a retail basis, says Chris. “We are looking to increase seed production by 20% this season – growers are seeing its yield potential and actively ordering.


“Certainly our seed growers are very pleased with it. I believe when the chips are down it will be the highest yielding hard wheat. It has had a pretty solid year and, unlike some of its rivals, there is good availability of seed, aided by the breeder fast-tracking production last autumn.”


Lee Bennett, Openfield

RGT Gravity offered a significant step-up in yield when it was promoted to the Recommended List, which was no mean feat, says Lee Bennett.


“The variety delivers across a range of situations and continues to perform very strongly. It also has very good grain quality and a good agronomic package, including orange wheat blossom midge resistance.


“It will certainly be a major variety for us this season, and has the potential to feature for several seasons to come.”


Chris Piggott, Frontier

RGT Gravity has equalled or surpassed many other popular on-farm varieties in Frontier and AHDB RL trials as well as in the field, in what has been a very atypical season, says Chris.


“It’s certainly not disappointed, and I don’t see anyone moving away from it on this year’s results.”


Quality and bushel weight look good, he reports. “It was particularly interesting to see the variety producing some very good untreated yields, particularly in one trial in Lincolnshire, which we weren’t expecting.”


Barry Barker, Agrii

RGT Gravity has reinforced its reputation as one of the highest yielding varieties in Agrii trials this season, says Barry.


“Farmers are also pleased with the variety – like Santiago, one of its parents, they like the fact that RGT Gravity is a real barnfiller.


“It could turn out to be a popular replacement, especially for growers looking to sow from mid October onwards.”


Download RGT Gravity's data sheet and growers guide here.