RGT Gravity most consistent late-drilled variety in Agrii trials

RGT Gravity has underlined its reputation as the most consistent late-drilled winter wheat available to UK growers in a series of trials carried out by Agrii.


On two separate late-drilling sites, one on heavy land in Essex, the other on light land in Cambridgeshire, RGT Gravity consistently produced some of the best treated yields at each site this year and for 2017 and 2018 combined.


The 2018 trials tested 30 leading recommended varieties and the best newcomers. On the heavy-land site, drilled on 22 November 2017, there was no significant difference between RGT Gravity and the other leading performer when it came to treated yield.


However, RGT Gravity outscored all competitors on untreated yield, clearly demonstrating its robustness.


Over two years of trials on the heavy-land site (2017 and 2018), where 17 varieties were tested in both seasons, the picture was the same, with no significant difference on treated yield between RGT Gravity and its closest rival.


On the light land site in 2018, which was drilled on 6 December 2017, RGT Gravity was practically neck-and neck with the closest competitor, a variety that had been significantly lower yielding on the heavy-land site.


The two-year result saw RGT Gravity put in an equally strong performance, this time battling it out with one of its parents, Santiago, in the Group 4 sector.


“In these late-drilled trials, whether on heavy or light land, RGT Gravity was consistently amongst the top varieties,” says Agrii seed technical manager David Leaper.


“It’s a variety that appears to really suit the late drilling slot across a range of soils and in different seasons.


“It was running neck and neck with another variety on the heavy land site - there was practically nothing between them.”


It was a similar story on the light land site against different competition, he adds.


“This was particularly interesting in that the site came under a lot of stress in both years. In 2017, this was due to early-season drought, while this year it was the long cold spring and the summer drought. Yields were lighter overall under the extreme conditions, but the results shows that RGT Gravity coped well, and it significantly outperformed its heavy-land competitors.”



RGT Gravity late-drilling scores (Agrii trials)

Heavy-land site (Canfield, Essex)

2018 – 107% (mean yield 8.7t/ha)

Two-year (2017 and 2018) – 106% (mean yield 10.4t/ha)


Light land site (Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire)

2018 – 110% (mean yield 5.5t/ha)

Two-year (2017 and 2018 – 109% (mean yield 5.4t/ha)


For more information on RGT Gravity, download the latest data sheet and growers guide here.