A group of four very exciting new varieties

With the Candidate Varieties now selected for next year's Recommended List, RAGT are pleased to announce a group of four very exciting new varieties.

See below for a brief description on what is to come!


RGT Blossom. The only milling wheat candidate for 2018-19. Currently has bread making potential with yields on par with RGT Skyfall, but with increased YR resistance.  RGT Blossom is early maturing and is suited best to the main or late drilling window.


RGT Saki is a soft group 4. One of the highest yielding varieties in the AHDB data set, it has potential for distilling and has performed very consistently in 2017 and 2018 – two very different seasons. What sets RGT Saki apart from the other candidates is its superb disease resistance, including a 9 for YR, 8 for BR and 6.7 for Septoria tritici. It also has resistance to OWBM. Suitable for the main drilling and late drilling window.


RGT Lantern. A high yielding hard group 4 with good disease resistance including a 6.2 for Septoria tritici and good straw strength. RGT Lantern has RGT Relay as one of its parents. Like  RGT Relay it should be very reliable variety on farm, a great second wheat and has durable resistance to YR.


The last, but not least, candidate is RGT Wasabi. Again, another hard feed variety like RGT Lantern, RGT Wasabi has OWBM, eyespot resistance ( PcH1 gene ) and good Septoria resistance ( 6.2 ). Like RGT Saki, it has a relatively fast speed of development, so would suit the main or late drilling window – an advantage if blackgrass on the farm is an issue.


This does not constitute an offer for sale as varieties have not yet completed national listing.