Seed crop delivers extra 1t/ha

Following last month’s feature on RGT Gravity’s excellent result on PC Tinsley Limited’s fertile silty loams between Holbeach and Spalding in Lincolnshire, this month we highlight the variety’s late-drilled performance.

Mark Tinsley grew about 40ha of RGT Gravity for seed last season, 8ha of which was drilled on 5 December after sugar beet.

“RGT Gravity put in a very strong performance even when it was drilled so late,” says Mark. “The soil was ploughed in good conditions for December-lifted beet, and the Redigo Deter-dressed seed was drilled at 186kg/ha with a power harrow combination.”

The crop emerged on 12 January. Not surprisingly, the small plants showed some yellowing in the cold and wet spring. “We applied the first two dressings earlier to promote tiller survival and production,” says Mark.

The crop grew away strongly once it got hold of the nitrogen, and chlormequat and Moddus were applied. The crop remained healthy, with little sign of foliar disease.

“It reached T1 on 5 May, when we applied Adexar plus Bravo. We repeated the application on 22 May when the crop reached T2 – good timing is critical,” says Mark. This kept Septoria at bay, despite a total of 169mm of rain falling as regular showers from March to May. An ear spray of Prosaro was applied on 16 May.

“We didn’t get the very high temperatures during June that some other parts of the country experienced,” says Mark. “The max was around 24-25C, due to the north-east breezes that we can get in this area, so our crops were relatively unstressed.”

The crop was harvested on 11 August, just five days after the October-drilled fields. It certainly made up for its late start, and produced a very healthy 11.6t/ha, just 1.4t/ha behind the earlier drilled average.

“RGT Gravity produced a terrific result all round, and I was especially pleased by its late-drilled performance,” says Mark.

“For our non-seed crops we shall be drilling RGT Gravity in all our late drill slots this year.” 


For more information on RGT Gravity, download the latest data sheet and growers guide here.