Soya crop puts in a strong performance

A commercial crop of RGT Sirelia, a high protein, early-maturing soya variety, has proved to be a success for a first-time grower in east Kent.


Actual yield is still to be confirmed, but an initial assessment based on trailer loads suggests the crop, which was managed by Frontier, has produced as much as 2.5t/ha, says RAGT’s Helen Wilson.


“There were plenty of pods up the full height of the plants and they filled well,” she reports. “The crop was combined on 27th September in good conditions, so it was a relatively easy process.”


Moisture content of the seed was slightly over 15%, and it is being conditioned to 14% before being moved off farm.


“Once the crop has left the farm we’ll have an accurate yield,” says Helen. “We will report that figure, as well as the all-important agronomy, in a future newsletter.”


Soya harvest