At the root of the best maize portfolio

RAGT’s main selection criteria for forage maize varieties are high yield and earliness, with improvements to starch content, digestibility and metabolisable energy. Standing ability and disease resistance are also key.


RGT Duxxbury

RGT Duxxbury is RAGT’s earliest maturity forage variety. It maintains an excellent yield for a variety of that maturity and is consistently high in starch and digestibility.

RGT Oxxgood

RGT Oxxgood is FAO 180 and has become a firm favourite with many farmers. Now in its fourth year it continues to deliver consistently on farm in both yield and quality.

RGT Stewaxx

A new variety from RAGT, RGT Stewaxx is starting to prove itself on farm, particularly on less favourable sites.

RGT Agiraxx

RGT Agiraxx still continues to perform for farmers and is one of the top selling varieties in the UK. Tried and tested across many different seasons it has proven itself a robust and reliable variety.


On Trial & On Farm Performance

Giles Simpson of Dorset-based Pearce Seeds says RGT Duxxbury and RGT Oxxgood are building an excellent reputation with growers across the south west, thanks to their strong performance in company trials and on farm.

“We like both varieties immensely and they are proving themselves in the field,” says Giles.

“RGT Duxxbury is quickly becoming our main variety in the ultra-early group, and we sell more of RGT Oxxgood in the early bracket than any other.”

RGT Duxxbury, a maturity class 11 variety, is turning out to be a reliable performer, says Giles.

“We would consider it as good as the market leader, if not better in some respects.

“RGT Duxxbury also exhibits good eyespot tolerance. It is suitable for all soil types and is quick to develop.

“Every grower who grew it last year is growing more this year.”


Pearce Seeds trials 2018 - RGT Duxxbury

  • DM 43%
  • DM yield 14t/ha
  • Starch yield 5.5t/ha
  • ME yield (MJ/ha) 170,000


Over the past three very different seasons, RGT Oxxgood has delivered excellent results in trials (see below) and commercially, underlining its consistency, says Giles.

“RGT Oxxgood is an early variety (maturity class 9) and is rapidly becoming one of our main varieties.

“It has matched the market leader, is slightly earlier to mature and is proving very reliable in all soil types.”


RGT Oxxgood also has good eyespot tolerance, useful in this high-pressure area, and exhibits good standing power; some customers use it for grain maize for crimping, says Giles.


“Once again our sales are up this year. Growers like it and swapping into it from other varieties.”


Pearce Seeds trials 2016-2018 - RGT Oxxgood

  • DM 37%
  • DM yield 16.3t/ha
  • Starch yield 5.5t/ha
  • ME yield (MJ/ha)190,000


RAGT Biogas Varieties


High yield and good early vigour coupled with later maturity are the hallmarks of a good biogas maize variety. All RAGT varieties have these attributes, plus good eyespot resistance, to help plants achieve their maximum green leaf potential, delivering high yields and optimising returns.


RGT Indexx is the latest maturing biogas variety that RAGT offer at FAO 240. RGT Tiberio (FAO 210) and RGT Multiplexx (FAO 220) are also available. All varieties stay green in the field, producing a high quantity of green biomass for the digester.

For more information on our varieties that are at the root of the best biogas and forage maize click here.