RGT Nizza CL

RGT Nizza CL® is RAGT’s first offering of a Clearfield® variety. It is suited to East/West regions, with very high yields. This variety will only be available through the BIPO system. RAGT recognises that farmers have faced huge challenges establishing OSR over the past few seasons due to the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments. This BIPO scheme will help mitigate some of the financial risk associated with growing OSR and demonstrates RAGT Seeds’ continued support for UK agriculture. Growers will be paying a reduced seed cost up-front, with royalty payable later in the season based on hectares of established crop. www.bipo.org.uk

> Highest yielding Clearfield® variety for the East/West region
> Excellent spring vigour
> Short and stiff stemmed
> Good stem canker
> BIPO registered

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